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We handle PA, NP, and Physician staffing for Miami, Florida. Let Medical Management Firm focus on building out your successful team by adding high quality physician assistants and nurse practitioners so you can focus on what you do best!

PA and NP Staffing Solutions Miami

Did you know that physician assistants and nurse practitioners have proven to be the most cost effective and sustainable way to grow your existing practice?

Is your medical clinic in need of a versatile, high quality NP or PA but you’re already overwhelmed with your current workload and don’t have time to find the perfect fit?

Let Medical Management Firm leverage our extensive network of high quality NP’s and PA’s to find the right fit for your practice so you can focus on what you do best!

How PA’s and NP’s can Help Scale your Practice

A recent study performed by the University of Texas Southeastern Medical Center revealed that overhead costs can be reduced by as much as $30,000 per nurse when used in lieu of a standard physician. The financial savings coupled with the easily accessible nature of many PA’s and NP’s makes them a viable alternative to ramp up your medical staff.

Fully trained PA’s and NP’s can carry out the majority of tasks performed by a physician while maintaining the same quality of care to your patients. They have also been proven to increase overall patient satisfaction scores and allow you to diversify your service offerings based on the needs of your specific patient population.

Why Medical Management Firm is the Clear Choice

Medical Management Firm is 100% PA owned and operated starting with our CEO, Heidi Medcalf, who is a PA-C licensed physician assistant. By creating a team of clinically trained perMedical Management Firmsonnel, we are able to understand your unique needs and find the right healthcare provider that matches up with your particular patient population. This leads to long lasting and rewarding relationships because we know how valuable continuity within your staff can be.

We also offer temporary placements (locum tenens) which shifts the risk and burden of hiring, credentialing, professional liability insurance and payroll away from your team. We understand that things happen and you may need a PA/NP for a day, week or even a month or longer. Medical Management Firm provides short term solutions and handles all the administrative work so that you can focus on your most pressing priorities.

Due to the extensive network of highly qualified NP’s and PA’s we’ve established over the last 3 years, Medical Management Firm is able to offer the most competitive pricing in the staffing industry.

While Medical Management Firm focuses primarily on PA/NP staffing, we are happy to extend our services or refer you to one of our trusted partners if you’re in need of a healthcare provider outside of our specialty.

For more information about our services or to discuss how Medical Management Firm can help expand your current capacity, please contact us today!


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