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We handle PA, NP, and Physician staffing for Salt Lake City, Utah. Let Medical Management Firm focus on building out your successful team by adding high quality physician assistants and nurse practitioners so you can focus on what you do best!

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Staffing Salt Lake City

Are you looking to grow your existing practice but struggling to fight the ideal candidate to fit with your current medical team?

Are you looking for a versatile, high quality NP or PA in Salt Lake City who has relevant experience to your specific patient population and can hit the ground running?

Let Medical Management Firm leverage our extensive network of NP’s and PA’s to find the right fit for your practice so you can focus on what you do best!

How PA’s and NP’s can Help Scale your Practice

By reducing the amount of time physicians need to spend with each patient, leveraging NP’s and PA’s allows your doctors to focus on consultations, procedures and other activities that help grow the existing practice. Due to accessibility and affordability, most practices also see a rise in net income along with the increase in patient throughput.

Fully trained PA’s and NP’s can carry out the majority of tasks performed by a physician while maintaining the same quality of care to your patients. This allows you to minimize your overhead costs without sacrificing the number of patients you can see on a daily basis.

Why Medical Management Firm is the Clear Choice

Medical Management Firm is 100% PA owned and operated because we know how valuable a clinical perspective is when trying to find the right fit for your unique medical team. Our staff works with you to understand your needs and find the perfect candidate to fit with your particular patient population. We look to create mutually beneficial relationships between the employee and employer to ensure sustained long term working relationships.

We also offer temporary placements (locum tenens) which shifts the risk and burden of hiring, credentialing, professional liability insurance and payroll away from your team. Medical Management Firm provides short term solutions and handles all the administrative work so that you can focus on your most pressing priorities.

Due to the extensive network of highly qualified NP’s and PA’s we’ve established over the last 3 years, Medical Management Firm is able to offer the most competitive pricing in the staffing industry.

While Medical Management Firm focuses primarily on PA/NP staffing, we are happy to extend our services or refer you to one of our trusted partners if you’re in need of a healthcare provider outside of our specialty.

For more information about our services or to discuss how Medical Management Firm can help expand your current capacity, please contact us today!


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